Re-locations, moving, transfers, transporting, shipping are all common words that are related to stressful times as they involve factors such as time, money, and inconveniences if done incorrectly. When you are looking to move from one place to another whether it is a small box or truckload of your things, you are always skeptical as to whether your things will make it with no scratches, if the parcel your sending will get lost, if insurance will cover for damages, is insurance even necessary? And many other things that can come up to mind, although we can’t guarantee business practices for every single company out there, we can at least provide the tools for you to review and choose the best there is.

Who is shipping your motorcycle?
Who is shipping your motorcycle?

Some people may not fully understand or be in to using the internet, simply because they’re not familiar with it, don’t know how to use it, or maybe don’t see any use to it more than the cause of no more family time during dinner. Although they may have a point with the last one, the internet is such a valuable tool, especially nowadays where most if not all companies offer their information and allow customers to post reviews on their services. Companies such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are one of the most useful tools when you are looking to check out a business. Let’s face it, the service you require may not always be located in a 50 miles radius and you need to look elsewhere, no matter how many people have recommended the service, you still need to check it for yourself, if you live 800 miles away, how do you plan to do that? Road trip? It’s not cost effective! Here is where your computer skills come to work!

Start by searching the company you are planning to do business with, before reading any of the reviews or calling them up, check with the BBB if the business has been credited to operate. There are still hundreds of companies out there with no BBB credit that are pulling scams on people on a daily basis, don’t be part of that growing percentage! Doesn’t matter how sophisticated and incredible a website can look, don’t be fooled, check for the BBB sign on their website. If you can’t find it go to the BBB website and search to see if they are at Through this website you can also read reviews for customers that have used the company before and read what their experiences were. Now don’t get discouraged if out of 50 reviews 10 are bad, all services have their mishaps, especially transportation services. The motorcycle shipping industry can be hit by bad road conditions, weather delays, or simply unprepared customers than cause delays and inconveniences not only to the customer but to the driver as well.

Once you have checked their BBB certification start searching what else customers have to say on online blogs, not only because they’re part of the BBB means they have the best service. Call the company, speak with their agents, ask questions, ask them for proof of insurance, and see how willingly they are to offer you information; all these things will help you determine how reliable the company really is. Payments are not required unless drivers are confirmed; don’t get caught up in all the sweet things you’re offered with no guarantees only to get your money, once the real dilemma starts most likely you’ll be left on your own.

Unfortunately scams are very common nowadays and people take advantage of the little to no knowledge of first time shippers. Don’t be part of the hundreds that have suffered, use the tools technology has now offered to guarantee a safe and reliable transport!

Check out our company with the BBB here!

Who is shipping your motorcycle? one more article by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

Who is shipping your motorcycle? – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

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