The City of Los Angeles, also known as La-La Land to many is the second most populous in the country, it’s a city filled with opportunities for every interest, therefore it attracts thousands of people every year. The city offers many attractions for tourist such as the Walk of Fame and the famous Rodeo Drive, as well as being home to the only wooden lighthouse that is still standing in the state. In Downtown Broadway you will also find the National Register of Historic Places which receives thousands of visits from people all over the world every year.

Thanks to great area where Los Angeles is located bordered by the Pacific Ocean and San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains, it enjoys of outstanding weather throughout the whole year. It offers great conditions for locals and tourists to enjoy any activity they encounter with. Los Angeles is such a diverse city not only in its industry and attractions, but in its people, it currently is home to people from over 130 countries that speak over 80 different languages. This cultural diversity allows Los Angeles to be a Mecca for infinite events and conventions worldwide. Due to this Los Angeles is the only city that has hosted the Summer Olympic twice.

Los Angeles is also the leader in motion picture entertainment generating over $40 billion annually, because of this, the industry can afford throwing major events to gather the best of the best within the city lines. Such events like the Pan African Film Festival, Brazilian Carnival, the Academy Awards, the Toyota Grand Prix, the famous LA Gay Parade, the US Open of Surf, and many more are held year after year attracting thousands to participate. One of these events, The LAcalendar Motorcycle Show held in July is one of the biggest motorcycle events that showcase bikes brought from all over the country and world. The motorcycle transportation industry works hard to bring together thousands of Exhibitors and Clubs to put together this one of kind show.

Motorcycle Transport to and from Los Angeles
Motorcycle Transport to and from Los Angeles

Motorcycle Transportation in Los Angeles

There are many reasons why thousands look to relocate to Los Angeles year after year, whether it’s due to the great weather, opportunities or simply for tourism as mentioned before, many turn to the motorcycle transport business to assist with transporting their vehicles.

Motorcycle shipping in the city is a very common service and is used constantly in high demand as many move their 2 wheeled vehicles from one place to another, whether to showcase at an event, take to a shop for custom work or simply selling and transporting. Because demand is high, when you are looking to transport a bike in or out of Los Angeles, it is always best to plan ahead as sometimes driver availability is very low and may take more time than expected.

Start shopping around as soon as you have a tentative date so you can start planning your complete service as far as prices, preparation, pickup and delivery addresses and clearance to ship the bike (if it is coming from a dealer or auction).


Motorcycle Transport to and from Los Angeles, CA – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping