When it comes down to transporting a motorcycle many people find themselves stuck in the decision whether to ship using a transportation company or transporting the bike themselves. Both these options are great possibilities and will make the job, however there are some factors you must take in consideration before making the final decision. Short distances are not a major deal for transporting a bike, for example from your home to the local shop, or if you’re taking it for a ride to your nearest summer home. As long as you have the proper equipment and accommodations to transport it these small distances, your bike will make it with no damages or mishaps. However if you do not own a pickup a truck where you can mount it or a trailer to hook at the back of your car, you might start considering the help of a motorcycle shipping company.

There are three main factors that you must consider while deciding whether you want to hire a transportation company to ship the bike or to transport it yourself; price, distance, and model.

Why choose a Motorcycle Transportation Company to do the job
Why choose a Motorcycle Transportation Company to do the job

Price. Money is one of the most important things on which almost every single person depends on in order to accomplish a task. When it comes to motorcycle transportation, customers go through a similar scenario; they compare the cost of transporting the bike themselves versus the cost of using a transporter. Transporting a bike yourself might be cheaper when going small distances, however long distances require more expenses; this scenario is when considering hiring a motorcycle shipping company should be considered. When transporting yourself, you need to provide the proper accommodations for your bike in order to be shipped safely, make sure that it is supported all around to avoid scratches, bumps or any loose straps along the way. Along the way you need to stop for gas, food and lodging, not counting with the wear and tear of your car. Long distances may incur in mechanical issues for your car if it is not prepared for the long drive, this is also another out of pocket bill. The sum of all these things most of the time are much more than simply hiring a motorcycle transporter. The benefit not only is the price, but the peace of mind and the fact that you can still carry on your schedule with no interruptions while the bike is being shipped.

Distance. Distance a very important factor that will help determine whether you need to hire a transportation company or not. When you are looking to ship a motorcycle, the first thing you will look at is the distance, again, a few mile distance can easily be done with a pickup truck, making sure you use the proper safety measures to strap down the bike and not damage its body. Now when the distance a few hundred to a couple thousand miles, your pickup might not be as effective, there is where a motorcycle shipping company comes in handy. Long distances require more precautions as a bike will be exposed to much more things such as weather and road conditions, therefore transporting your bike on a trailer or the back of a pickup may not be the best choice.

Model. Some motorcycles require specific accommodations to be transported and cannot simply be mounted on the back of a pickup truck or on a carrier for that matter, as they have to be cradled and secured before transport. Some specific models like Ducati motorcycles need to be cradled in order to be transported, the shape of their body doesn’t allow normal straps to be attached without causing any damages, and therefore they must be secured differently. Some transporters will even refuse to take it unless it’s ready.


Why choose a Motorcycle Transportation Company to do the job – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

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