Here are some photos from the warehouse of the methods we use for shipping motorcycles across country. These motorcycles are ready for delivery. You can see the variety of bikes we move.

Heritage and our partner CRST offer nationwide service, short trucks with lift gates for residential pickups or deliveries, customized pallets and trained uniformed drivers throughout our system. Insurance provided free and transit times are the best in the industry!





This is our customized metal motorcycle pallet on rollers. Note the bike is strapped securely and safely to the pallet. It is secured inside the van for shipping and easily maneuvered on and off the truck. This is the safest method in the industry for transporting motorcycles.

This Triumph Speed Triple is ready to be forklifted into the truck. The antique Harley has some unusual snow chains on the rear tire.

We had 3 Powers Custom Choppers going to Hawaii. Here they are in the warehouse prior to being strapped down to their extra-long custom motorcycle pallets. These bikes are 10 feet long. The green chopper is 8 feet 8 inches long. It hangs over the end of the pallet a little bit on each end. Bubble wrap protects the new paint during motorcycle shipping.

The motorcycle movers are ready to load this 11 foot long chopper into the truck after completing the condition report. You can see the end of the lift-gate at the right of the photo. The Honda Trike does not need a motorcycle pallet.

Here’s a Vespa strapped to the motorcycle pallet. It looks small on the big pallet, but they are effective for scooter and moped shipping. The Honda Pacific Coast is basically an 800cc scooter, but an owner told me they are extremely comfortable, easy to ride, and highly underrated.

We’ve got a Harley race bike wrapped in plastic, and a Ducati 998S with a BMW next to it.

We sometimes move non-motorcycles in the truck. All items like this are strapped to a pallet. There are no lose items in these truck, never any household goods. The rare antique motorcycle is returning to it’s owner after being in The Art Of The Motorcycle Exhibit.

There’s a little bit of everything in this photo on the left. You can leave things in the saddle bags or luggage. We have high-security warehouses to protect your bike. But please, no hand grenades. They are not neccessary.