When most people think about Canada the first thing that comes to mind are cold winters and lots of snow. although this is not entirely false, the country has many more interesting and fun facts. Mac and cheese for example is one of the most popular and common foods within the American household, however Canada is the country the consumes the largest amount of mac n’ cheese in the world. The border between Canada and the USA is known as the “International Border” and is the longest border line in the world, at a length of 5,525 miles. Canada is best known for hockey, however lacrosse is the country’s official sport. Canada is responsible for some of the most used inventions nowadays worldwide, such as Kerosene, the electron microscope, the electronic organ, insulin, the IMAX film system, the snowmobile, and the electric cooking range. Canada also was the birth place of Winnipeg a black bear cub that was donated to the London Zoo, Winnipeg, known as Winnie quickly became Christopher Robin Milne’s favorite, proving as an inspiration to his father A.A. Milne, the famous author of Winnie the Pooh.

Canada to USA Snowbird Season
Canada to USA Snowbird Season

Although Canada is the second largest country after Russia it has a population density of 8.6 people per square mile, ranking in ninth place for the most sparsely populated country in the world, most of this due to large inhabitable spaces the country has. Harsh weather strikes the country almost all year long and people look to relocate for the worst season: winter. The people are known as snowbirds and are very common to the United States as US snowbirds from northern states also flee the cold to warmer states in the south.

When transporting motorcycles into the USA there are a few things you must take care of before arranging shipment, such as customs paperwork. Most of the carriers do not handle border crossing and may require for you to hire a customs agents to help you with the paperwork. Before starting check with your booking agent if they transport to USA as some drivers may not have driving permits to cross the border and can only bring the motorcycle close to a USA meeting point. You will be required to arrange the cross and then have a USA based carrier finish the transportation to its final destination. Secondly, if your carrier does transport into USA inquire if they offer the service of filing customs paperwork for you, usually carriers that transport across the border do take care of paperwork as well for an extra fee, make sure you settle the fees and payments before your bike is transported to avoid any delays and inconveniences with the border patrol.

Illegal substances, weapons and items are taken very seriously both in Canada and the United States, make sure you thoroughly check your car and confirm it is free from any of these items before it crosses the border. Border patrol inspects every carrier that passes through and if they find anything suspicious it will hold back the whole transportation for further investigation. This will cause delays not only for you but for the other customers waiting for their bike as well. High fines may incur and it is also possible for the driver to leave our vehicle behind to avoid further issues, you will become completely responsible at that moment to finalize the transportation of your bike.

Canada to USA Snowbird Season by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping.

Canada to USA Snowbird Season – by Heritage Motorcycle Shipping