Calculating the prices to ship a motorcycle is sometimes difficult depending on the factors that affect the transportation. Common routes, destinations within main routes, regular requests, no special cradle accommodations, good road and weather conditions are all factors that help motorcycle shipping estimates be accurate and calculated easily. In order to better understand how estimates are calculated it is important to understand what factors affect the process, knowing what takes play will help customers understand why the same mileage, however in different locations may not cost the same due to the locations.

Motorcycle Shipping Estimates
Motorcycle Shipping Estimates

Distance and mileage is one of the most important factors when calculating a motorcycle shipping estimate, the more distance a driver has to go the higher the cost. More distance implies longer traveling times, more gas usage and more exposure to mechanical issues. Although longer distances may incur all these disadvantages, it also allows drivers to schedule more jobs as they can pass through more places and make the trip worthwhile and cost effective. With this said, the distance to ship to one location within main route is not the same to ship the same distance but to a location in the middle of nowhere. Drivers are willing to go to an off route location if price set right as they not only have the expense to get to the place, but also the expense of getting back to main route, this is a higher cost of gas and mileage, therefore the price is higher even though the distance is the same.

With this said gas prices also affect shipping estimates to go up, the higher the price per gallon the higher the rate to ship as drivers have to cover their routes. Many customers that ship in a regular basis sometimes are thrown back when they hear higher prices for the same route without considering the higher gas costs. A trip where a driver has to put out of pocket money to complete the job is not cost effective; therefore it will not get done.

Another factor that affects the motorcycle shipping estimate is the type of bike and the accommodations it needs in order to be shipped. Certain bikes have special unique frames that cannot simply be strapped to carrier, some need to be mounted on special cradles for support and to avoid any scratches or damages along the way. Examples of this are Ducati bikes, the frames of these bikes are so unique that the manufacturer has to provide special cradles for transportation; some carriers even refuse to take the bike unless it is cradled already by customer. Many customer may see this as real inconvenience, however bikes that are expensive to repair or replace must be protected at all costs and carriers insurance policies will not cover damages on these types of bikes due to improper transportation, this will not only cover drivers, but will help customer protect their bikes and avoid the stress and hassle of damages vehicles. These special accommodations have a higher fee than regular transportation, however are worth the money.


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Motorcycle Shipping Estimates – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping