When shipping a motorcycle it is very important to research and review the company you are dealing with before you book your service. Today it is very easy to check reviews and what other people have to say from their own experience from dealing with the company. Unless you have used a company several times or received a string recommendation from a reliable source, don’t settle for the first company you talk with, shop around, the price range you will be provided will also help you decide which company you can count on and which you can cross out the list for good!

Following we will provide you 4 simple rules you can use to guide yourself through the motorcycle transport industry and ensure you deal with a reliable and secure transportation.

  1. 1. Chose a reliable Motorcycle Transport Company.
  2. 2. Before you sign and make any payments, double check who you are paying too.
  3. 3. Never pay until a confirmed driver and driver information is provided.
  4. 4. Be careful of double booking a transportation service.

Chose a reliable Motorcycle Transport Company.

This is the most important rule, the fact that you take the time do your research and read reviews will affect greatly on the type of motorcycle shipping experience you will have. Internet is such a powerful tool that can help you read reviews and see what other people have to say from the company you are dealing with. Bad reviews are an immediate red flag, price changes, payment issues, and damages along the way are phrases you want to stay away from. Yes, we are aware sometime even the best services go through uncontrollable situations where your bike can be damaged, however it is important that if this is the case the company you deal with will be able to respond with the proper insurance and cover for your damages. Another thing that will help you determine if the company you’re dealing with is reliable is the price you are provided. If you are shopping around and the quotes you receive are within a certain price range, and all of a sudden you receive an extremely low price, stay away! Extreme low prices only mean hidden fees and no guaranteed pickup. If more than 3 companies give you a similar quote, this is the price you will be looking at to get the job done, don’t risk the well being of your bike and transportation experience due to an appealing double faced low price.

Before you sing and make any payment, double check who you are paying too.

Many companies hide their names using other names simply to hide their already created bad reputation or simply to create a scam. Make sure that when you are signing a contract or making a payment, you are dealing with the same company you called and the same company the agent works for. There have been cases where customer call a certain company and when signing or worse yet, making a payment, it is another company who takes your money and then disappears. All of sudden they don’t answer phones, don’t know who you are, or worse yet have no record of ever speaking to you; since you signed their agreement, they can easily state you agreed to every charge and disputing the charge can be a headache and sometimes even be a complete loss.

Golden Rules to Avoid Motorcycle Transport Scam
Golden Rules to Avoid Motorcycle Transport Scam

Never pay until a confirmed driver and driver information is provided.

When you book a transportation service, unless you don’t have a confirmed pickup and delivery, there is no need to provide any credit card to keep on file or pay any deposit. Reliable companies simply ask for your signature on their agreement stating that you confirm you are booking the service with said company. From that moment agents work hard with drivers to confirm a schedule within your date window and provide the service. Once this is arranged and they have confirmed information, should you pay the price agreed beforehand. If the price you are given changes without any notice, be skeptical, remember you are signing an agreement with a set price; there should be no reason why prices should change. If the circumstances for your shipping service change, such as expedite requests, you add another vehicle, change the model of the vehicle or require extra assistance, your agent will advice you of what the price change will be an provide a new agreement to sign on; these proper booking procedures.

Be Careful of Double Booking Transportation Services.

Many first timers commit the error of booking transportation services with a few companies at the same thinking they will take the first one that confirms the service. Unfortunately this is not how the motorcycle shipping industry works, when you book with two or more companies, sign agreements or make deposits, you create an internal battle between these companies. When you book a transportation, your vehicle is posted on a national board where drivers check in and call in to make the jobs and create their routes from. If your vehicle is posted two or more times drivers tend to ignore the posting as they know that a few companies are dealing with the same bike. At this point it becomes an auction and they start waiting to see who pays the highest, this situation also allows drivers to set a price instead of taking the bike for the price offered. Many times the price given by the driver will be extremely high, as they know at this point the ball is in their court. Customers don’t realize this and at the end up either paying more, getting cancelled at last minute or simply not getting picked up at all.

Golden Rules to avoid Motorcycle Transport Scam – By Heritage Motorcycle Shipping

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