Motorcycle Shipping During Summer

Summer is one of the most expected seasons, not only for the transportation industry but for any industry worldwide. Summer is when most of the people are looking for new adventures, to travel around the globe, go to the beach, take time off, sleep in and enjoy a great vacation. Weather during this time is great and it allows many activities to take place, depending on the hemisphere, heat waves can reach very high temperatures, however weather conditions are favorable for almost anything.

For the motorcycle industry, summer represents one f the highest peaks in the business as all people are looking to ship their motorcycles, personal water crafts (best known as Jet Skies), tricycles, ATV’s and other small vehicles all over the country. Many families take advantage of this time also to make big moves as kids are out of school and transition is much easier.

Motorcycle Shipping During Summer
Motorcycle Shipping During Summer

Summer is a busy season all over the country, many college students look out for summer jobs in recreation areas such as pools, theme parks, carnivals, at the beach, and other places to help out with the mass of people that hit these spots during the hot days. Many new comers are also welcome as they come through for vacation and some for good.

The availability of drivers during this time is very tight as the demand is extremely high, carriers increase their trips and may even hire a few more drivers to help supply the customer demand. Summer is also a great host for many of the bike weeks around the country, aficionados travel from different parts in order to assist these unique experiences. transportation companies are a great assistance to help these bikes make it safely and on time to these events.

Motorcycle Shipping During Summer has its perks due to great weather and road conditions, however it is recommended you plan in advance due to the high demand. If looking to ship during this time, you will find that many carriers are well booked through the following 1-2 months, therefore calling in advance will help you plan your transportation with less hassle. Once you see yourself in need of motorcycle shipping services the first thing you need to determine before you start shopping around is when you need the transportation, carriers usually request one week in advance notice of the actual shipping date you require in order to arrange schedules and routes. Having an estimate will help you have an idea, however until accurate dates are not provided, no transportation can be guaranteed.

Carriers will also ask you when is the first available date for pickup, which means what is the soonest day vehicle is ready for pick up. Some customer can provide a shipping date, however can have 1-2 window prior where vehicle can also be picked up. This is required as some of the driver’s schedules are open 1-2 days prior to the date provided and transportation can be scheduled in advance.

Once dates are determined, make sure you describe as much as possible the make and model of your bike, tell your agents about any modifications you have done to the bike, as some modifications alter the complete shape of the bike and other requirements are needed in order to safely transport the bike. Some models need to be set up in cradles in order to transported, for example, Ducati bikes need special cradles provided by the manufacturer in order to be shipped, they cannot be mounted as is on the carriers as regular safety straps can damage the body the of the bike during transit.

Summer is a very common time to ship motorcycles, just make sure you consider your transportation needs in advance in order to enjoy a hassle free experience.

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