Motorcycle Shipping during Winter
Motorcycle Shipping during Winter

Winter is a very risky season for bike riding and interstate cruising as roads become icey and snow fall can get very heavy. Riders are exposed to harsh cold weather and not only mechanical issues can happen but health can also be exposed and end up with severe colds. During this time, most bike owners put their bikes away and in the event of moving, very few dare devils take the full risk, most rather transport their bikes and have them delivered where they need them within the security of an enclosed carrier.

During this time is when snowbirds head towards the south away from the cold for the length of the season. The word snowbird originates from the great amount of population that travels to the south in late October fleeing from harsh winter conditions and don’t return until late April when warmer scenarios start to pop up. The most commons states where these snowbirds arrive are California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and The Carolinas, o anywhere along the Sunbelt region of the hemisphere. Although anyone fleeing from the north to the south during winter is considered a snowbird, snowbirds are usually retirees or entrepreneurs that have winter homes along these states.

One of the most important things you must have in your hand when booking a motorcycle transport service during winter season is time. Especially if you are booking past the October line when winter starts to really kick in and snowfall starts to be an issue. Expedite service usually is a guaranteed fast service taken in account all the obstacles you can encounter on the road, however during winter season, expedite is marked of the list.

For example, usual deliveries from Portland, OR to Tampa, FL that can usually take between 3 to 4 days, can bump up to 6 days in transit because of road conditions. Sometimes road conditions are not the issue but mechanical problems with the truck due to the cold weather. This will also take a toll on transit time and cause delays. Always plan for worst case scenarios and plan B’s in case delays occur. Drivers do the best they can to handle their timing properly, but there are obstacles on the road that are not controlled by man.

Because everyone is looking to come down, shipping north can become a bit of a hassle after the winter season starts to kick in as driving conditions are limited for drivers trying to get into the northern part of the country. Prices skyrocket as well as risks are higher, however, sometimes money will not account for these risks and transportation is not possible at all until roads are cleared.

Winter season has different situations presented, therefore it is very important to be prepared for all the possible obstacles that can come along the way, plan ahead of time to avoid as many of this obstacles as you can. There is no such thing as a guaranteed delivery time in the business, but you can guarantee a bump free experience and service.

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