Motorcycles are not the only vehicles that offer a great adrenaline rush to most people, some people need to take that adrenaline rush to the next level and experience it in different scenarios like water or snow. Regular 2 wheel motorcycles, no matter how much traction they might have are not adequate for these conditions; therefore better equipped vehicles come in to play. Tricycles, snowmobiles and jet skies all come from the idea of motorcycles: smaller vehicles, cost-effective, easier to transport, easier to handle, and produce a much bigger rush than vehicles.

Trike Mania

We ship your Trikes, Snowmobiles and Jet Skies
We ship your Trikes, Snowmobiles and Jet Skies

Tricycles, better known as trikes, are three wheeled vehicles that can either be motorized or not. The definition for these vehicles is wide and varies greatly, as just like cars; trikes have many models to accommodate different needs and purposes. Usually tricycles are associated with the three-wheeled small vehicles kids use before ridding a 2 wheel-bike, however, with time these trikes gave gained popularity amongst the adults as well.

These famous 3 wheeled-vehicles are used worldwide for shopping, commercial transportation either for passengers or freight, or by older people for recreation purposes. Because these vehicles are easier to handle by so many people, they have been upgraded and fixed with motor engines that help them advance at faster speeds. They’ve become so popular even big car houses like BMW and Honda have designed they’re breathtaking models.

Because these vehicles have become so popular, transporting them has also come in high demand. Shipping a trike is considered the same as shipping a motorcycle, although it needs more room due to the 2 wheels on the back, it is also recommended to be shipped via enclosed trailers to help protect from environment and road conditions. Trikes may also be placed on cradles and strapped on safely to ensure a proper ride and delivery.

Dashing through the snow

“Dashing through the snow, on one horse open sled”, this might be one of the most popular Christmas carols known worldwide, and it is from this that a popular snow vehicle came out, the snowmobile or snow machine. Granted many years ago sleds where in high demand to travel through the snow, however these trips were lengthy and required of many man and literally horse or dog power to pull the sled through. With the advances of technology and design, vehicles builders have eased these trips for people cruising through the snow by creating snowmobiles powered by motor engines, allowing better and faster reach from point to point.

Snowmobiles were first intended for transportation of material and personnel for construction workers under winter conditions. It was easier to transport over frozen lakes and rivers using these types of vehicles as cars could not pass through. After the years, snowmobiles gained popularity for recreational purposes and now all of the winter stays offer snowmobiles as an activity for the family. This purpose has even moved forward and now snowmobiles are also used for snow cross or snow racing, mountain climbing, trail riding and freestyle.

The popularity these vehicles have gained have caused them to be a must have in any winter vacation getaway; therefore they are in constant transportation from one place to another during the season. Snowmobiles are shipped via enclosed trailers attached to special cradles that help the skis and tracks from getting ruined during transit.

Personal Water Crafts

Commonly known as Jet skies for most people, personal water crafts are water scooters powered by a motor engine used for many recreational and non-recreational purposes. Personal water crafts were created by Clayton Jacobson II, a motocross enthusiast. He designed the idea in order to live the rush motocross produces only on water. After production initially not being so popular, Kawasaki took over the project and throwing the first personal water crafts to the market in the United States, these became so popular, Kawasaki trade marked the name Jet Ski. People have erroneously called all personal water crafts jet skies, however this caused great name branding for Kawasaki, a few years later other names came to the market like WaveRunner by Yamaha, AquaTrax by Honda, Sealion by Polaris and Tigershark by Arctic Cat.

Personal water crafts have been used for many purposes, and are of great advantage for water rescue. Lifeguards are able to reach their targets easier and faster, the same they’re able to pull them back to shore as quickly as possible to be attended. These vehicles have also been used by the U.S. Navy for years a quick water deployment equipped with GPS, electronic compass, radar reflector and radio modems.

These water vehicles are in great demand for locations near the coasts or with a nearby lake. Transportation has also been in high demand for recreational and non-recreational purposes. Personal water crafts are shipped via enclosed carriers; they can either be mounted on cradles that safely strap the vehicle making sure it doesn’t wobble from side to side during transit. They can also be mounted on small trailers that are hooked to the back of a carrier or truck.


We ship your Trikes, Snowmobiles and Jet Skies!

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We ship your Trikes, Snowmobiles and Jet Skies!