The phrase motorcycle shipping is more than the simple act of transporting a motorcycle. There are many factors that play in order to service a motorcycle shipment; costs, preparations, routes, models, types of carriers, dates and transit time are very important points that need to be covered in order to enjoy the benefits of this great service.

Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycle Shipping

When shipping a motorcycle, most customers take some details very lightly and assume they are all taken care of, however due to this assumption many transportation requests turn out to be a fiasco, not because of a faulty shipping company, but due to missing details from the customers during booking. It is important you discuss with your booking agent every single point in shipping your motorcycle, ask as many questions as you need, transporting your vehicle is not an impossible or dramatic experience, make sure you get that from the service.

To start off, it is important to know exactly what motorcycle shipping is. Motorcycle shipping is an acquired service that transports a motorcycle, while mounted on a carrier from one point to another in a given time. In order to provide a successful transportation the customer must provide make, model, and modifications on the vehicle, type of carrier to be used, dates of when the bike is expected, any other special request. In return the service provider accommodates these needs and transports the bike for a determined cost.

Main Points While Booking

Review. When you decide to have a motorcycle shipment, before you book with a company it is important that review every possible company before making a decision. Now with the advances in technology and internet access, it is very easy to review each company to ensure you’re working with a reliable carrier.

Gather Quotes. Part of the reviewing process is gathering quotes. You can eliminate a few companies just by getting a quote. Put all your quotes on a scale from lowest to highest. Scratch off prices that are amongst the lowest. Low prices come together with bad service and hidden fees. S mart way to see it is that you get what you pay for. Medium and high prices are usually guaranteed great services and reputable companies, however don’t only guide yourself by the price, many high quotes can belong to non-reputable companies.

Provide the Details. One of the most important things you have to remember is that your needs are not the same as your neighbors and your expectations may be similar however not equal. Even if you are shipping the exact same bikes, you might need the bike delivered 3 days sooner or perhaps via open carrier. It is very important you provide as much details possible regarding the make, model and modifications of your bike, dates for requires transport and type of carrier needed to your agent to help accommodate the transportation to your expectations accordingly.

Prep the Bike. Shipping companies will ship the bike wherever you may need it; however it is not their responsibility to watch over extra modifications added. Motorcycle shipping companies offer full insurance coverage in case of any damage, but it is 100% recommended avoiding these hassles at all costs. It is important you remove as much items from the bike as possible, such as antennas, saddlebags, or any other items. Check the gas tank, some carriers may require emptying it our up to ¾ to remove weight and avoid extra costs.

Sign off and Pay. Once all transportation details are taken care, payment procedures need to be taken care of before transportation takes in effect. Many companies may require you to pay an initial deposit to reserve your spot on the carrier and then pay the remaining balance upon delivery. Make sure this is taken care and arranged before pickup as payment issues can cause delays on delivery and/or pickups and even cause higher fees.

After these details have been taken care of, a hassle free motorcycle shipment is highly guaranteed. The most important thing to remember is: details. Details will help you smooth your service booking and even help you determine the price for your motorcycle shipment as well.

Determine the price

Determining the price of a shipment has a couple factors that are put together; these factors help determine the type of service you will need and cover the main points during booking.

Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycle Shipping

Location. Where you are located and where you need the motorcycle shipped is one of the main factors that determines the price. Transit prices are determines by a certain percentage per mile. The longer the trip, the higher the cost, however, if the pickup or delivery location is off main routes, there will be a higher fee for the extra trip.

Gas Prices. Gas prices also determine the price. A carrier must be able to go and return and the prices paid must help cover for that. The location where a bike is headed may be the same distance, however if the gas price rises, the fee will go higher.

Make, Model and Modifications. Bikes that have extra modifications and significant changes to their factory models, imply a slight to great change of accommodation in the carrier in order to be strapped down during transit. In the event that bigger spaces are needed or extra equipment in order to safely strap your motorcycle, the price to ship will be higher.

Type of carrier. When it comes to the type of carrier you can choose the type of carrier you want, whether it is an open carrier or an enclosed. Because motorcycles are small vehicles and exposed to the environment, it is recommended to ship them via enclosed carrier, however these carriers have a higher cost than open carriers. Enclosed carriers require a higher maintenance cost and also offer more security and protection for your vehicle.

Once all these details are taken care of, all you have to do is finalize the booking and sit back and wait for your 2-wheeled beauty to be picked up or delivered as scheduled.


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